Memorial Garden Dedication at The Manor

April 19, 2013 by Morningside Ministries


Memorial Garden for Seniors at The Manor


Morningside Ministries at The Manor hosted a Memorial Garden Dedication alongside Jefferson Outreach for Older Adults. The refurbished garden was achieved with the help of Jefferson Outreach, Kym’s Kids, Oasis San Antonio and the generous support of City Councilman Cris Medina, District #7.

The group of winners!
The Memorial Garden serves as a gathering place for seniors to socialize and remember loved ones. There are an abundance of benefits for socializing such as stress reduction, a feeling of importance and a feeling of high self esteem. Experts say that seniors who enjoy an active social life often extend their lives by years.

Throughout most of our life we find we must depend on other human beings in one way or another. It’s not surprising that as we age, socializing with others becomes more important than ever. We need all types of stimulation, including contact with others who share our interests and opinions. Getting out and socializing with others is the best medicine we can take in order to live a fulfilled life in our senior years.

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Jefferson Outreach is a faith-based organization that provides services to the elderly in Northwest San Antonio, Texas. They provide a multitude of services for seniors including mobile meals, grocery delivery transportation to/from medical appointments and telephone reassurance to isolated homebound seniors.  Kym’s Kids is a local non-profit aimed at helping children pay for college through community service.