Morningside Ministries Welcomes Five Students from the Baptist Health System's Clinical Pastoral Education Program

July 21, 2015 by Morningside Ministries



Morningside Ministries welcomed five students from the Baptist Health System’s Clinical Pastoral Education program. The students learned about ministry in long-term care communities, lead by Chaplain Dennis and Father Jeff. The day started with an informational and inspirational session about long-term care then followed by leading worship at Morningside Ministries at the Manor. The students all found inspiration later on in life after having a few different careers before being led into Pastoral Education, and many said their heart led them here.

“I was ready to engage with more diverse people, people who were at different points in their life.”- Bradley


“My heart for people led me here.” – Barbara


“I have a heart for people and a passion for health care industry.” – Robert