A Word from the President: Every Day is Thanksgiving

November 28, 2016 by Morningside Ministries

I was traveling on an out of the way road recently and came upon an old country church that had this on a sign out front: “Every day is Thanksgiving.” I never really thought about it that way, but these are true words. I actually made a wrong turn, lost my way, and drove past the church by accident. These words lifted my spirit because I had experienced some disappointments just prior to seeing the sign. The message made me much more mindful to be grateful every day for my life and all those things and people that are a part of it.

We all experience difficult moments, sadness, unpleasantness, and people who do not respond to us as we wish they would. I am learning not to focus on these. Deal with them as we must, but look to the positive people and events in our lives. Be grateful for the good that we all experience, and let the negative take the back seat. Goodness comes through people, shared joys, and positive and uplifting times together.

These happen throughout the year, not just during the season we call Thanksgiving. From here forward, I am going to remember the message from the old country church and celebrate Thanksgiving every day. I invite you to join me. Happy Thanksgiving throughout the year!

Alvin Loewenberg
President and CEO, Morningside Ministries