Senior-Centric Healthy Cooking Demo With Chef John Brand

December 5, 2017 by Morningside Ministries


Clover Health Hosts Senior-Centric Healthy Cooking Demo at Chandler Estate

The second-floor activity room at Chandler Mansion in Morningside Ministries at Chandler Estate transformed into a fully functioning demo kitchen on November 30 as the Clover Care Tour 2017 stopped by the community to promote the benefits of healthy eating.

Every year, representatives from Clover Health – a startup that aims to improve health insurance for seniors — hit the road in a bright orange tour truck to host the Clover Care Tour, an awareness effort focusing on healthy cooking demonstrations coinciding with National Diabetes Month in November. This year, Clover Care Tour stops included senior centers and communities in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Georgia and Texas. This is the first year that the Clover Care Tour designated Chandler Estate as one of their stops, and it could not have been more of a success.

Clover Health Senior Cooking Demo

Chef John Brand, director of culinary operations for Hotel Emma in San Antonio, along with cheerful representatives from Clover Health donning matching aprons, offered residents and guests an hour-long cooking demonstration and tasting featuring two healthy, delicious vegan recipes. The conversational nature of the demo encouraged guests to ask Chef Brand questions about the ingredients and cooking methods used during the presentation.

The first course, a Kale Avocado Grapefruit Almond and Quinoa Salad, was a big hit with guests due to the ease of preparation and inclusion of “power foods” kale and quinoa.


For the main course, Chef Brand prepared a Sweet Potato, Cabbage and Garbanzo Bean Korma, a dish he described as being an ideal winter stew. The combination of unconventional ingredients such as sweet potato and coconut milk took guests by surprise, with one guest exclaiming, “This is delicious!” in delight.

According to the American Diabetes Association, 25.2% of Americans age 65 and older live with diabetes, both diagnosed and undiagnosed. That amounts to a total of approximately 12 million people. Thankfully, seniors can lower their risk for type 2 diabetes by leading an active lifestyle and making smart choices in the kitchen using fresh ingredients.

Chef Brand graciously agreed to share the two delicious recipes featured in the cooking demo with our readers. Click below to view, download and print the full recipes.

Kale Avocado Grapefruit Almond and Quinoa Salad

Sweet Potato, Cabbage and Garbanzo Bean Korma