Music Makers Program Establishes a Harmonious Relationship Between Seniors and Toddlers

October 5, 2018 by Morningside Ministries
2-year-old Cade shares a sweet moment with resident Frances M.

If you’re ever visiting The Manor on a day when the Music Makers activity is taking place, you’ll find yourself smiling from ear to ear seeing the uncommon pairing of toddlers and seniors interacting with each other before your very eyes.

A concept introduced by mothers Kendra Lovelady and Emily Powell, the Music Makers activity gives Morningside residents residing in assisted living and nursing care the opportunity to sing, play and spend time with toddlers.

“The idea for our music makers class came about from a desire to find something that our kids could do to bring joy to others,” shared Lovelady, who is mother to 2-year-old Cade. “Most of the kids who attend are between 1 to 3 years old, and they love music, singing, and playing. We wanted to create a simple class that would be engaging for the children and fun for the residents too.”

A typical Music Makers session includes an average of six toddlers and ten residents. Residents observe the toddlers with delight as they play with toys, work on puzzles, and sing and dance to songs. Attentive mothers lead the songs, dances and activities during the hour-long session.

The Music Makers activity has been well received by residents and staff, who see the positive impact the toddlers’ presence have on the residents.

“The main purpose as I see it is to bring the generations together,” said Lovelady. It’s amazing to see the kids and residents interact with one another! It’s a music class, but it’s also just an opportunity to meet and visit.”