50 Years of Hearts and Hands: Celebrating the Auxiliary of Morningside Manor

November 15, 2018 by Alina Kesl
Members of the Auxiliary of Morningside Manor and Morningside staff gathered on November 10 for a brunch celebrating the Auxiliary’s 50th anniversary.

With their familiar blue smocks and warm smiles, volunteers of the Auxiliary of Morningside Manor have helped Morningside Ministries carry out its mission to provide seniors with person-centered care since 1968. In celebration of the Auxiliary’s 50th anniversary, their legacy was honored on November 10 with a symbolic brunch in their honor.

Among those in attendance were Carol Miller, founder of the Manor Gift Shop, Don Winkler, president of the Auxiliary, volunteers such as Marylln Peterson who are also Morningside residents, and many others tied to the Auxiliary’s rich history.

Volunteers have been an extension of Morningside’s mission since the very beginning. It was volunteers who furnished Morningside Manor prior to its grand opening in 1961, it was volunteers who organized activities and provided transportation for residents during the organization’s early years – and that same spirit of giving lives on today.

Since 1968, the Auxiliary of Morningside Manor has contributed over $250,000 in gifts benefiting residents in assisted living and skilled nursing. These gifts have played a role in major projects including building renovations and furnishings, employee scholarships, and so much more. Aside from monetary contributions, Auxilians have also donated countless hours of their time visiting with residents, organizing events and activities, and helping staff with day-to-day responsibilities.

“These volunteers do important work and have done so much in their 50 years at Morningside,” said Pat Crump, president and CEO of Morningside Ministries. “We are so happy to celebrate their legacy today and honor them for all that they do.”

The Auxiliary at Morningside Manor welcomes new members year-round. Those interested in joining or looking for more information about the Auxiliary may contact Don Winkler, President of the Auxiliary, at (210) 521-7621 or via e-mail at