Morningside Ministries' Response to COVID-19: July 15, 2020 Update

July 15, 2020 by Alina Kesl

July 15, 2020

Dear Residents, Family Members, and Friends of Morningside Ministries,

Since our last weekly COVID-19 update, we have had three additional staff members test positive for COVID-19; two Menger Springs employees and one additional employee from our Meadows community. We are also reporting one resident-positive case at The Meadows. The resident who tested positive is an Independent Living resident who is able to easily self-isolate and has immediately begun doing so since displaying symptoms. Our isolation procedures remain implemented in accordance with local and state health official guidelines, and the staff members who have tested positive are also self-isolating and resting at home. We were in immediate contact with residents who may have been exposed to the virus and their family members to communicate all necessary precautions and steps that should be taken to help protect themselves and our community from further infection.

The results of last week’s COVID-19 testing of our Assisted Living residents at the Menger Springs community have thankfully come back negative, meaning that at this time, none of our Assisted Living residents at the Menger Springs community are symptomatic or testing positive for COVID-19.

We understand that you have concerns about COVID-19 and the current situation at our communities. Please know that we remain committed to being open and transparent, while respecting the privacy of those involved as we deal with this unprecedented situation. Thank you again for your patience, continued support, and prayers while we cautiously navigate through this constantly evolving and challenging situation. Should you have any questions, please contact your respective Executive Director or Administrator.


Patrick Crump

President & CEO