Beloved Meadows Staff Member David Alvarez Retires After 37 Years of Service

December 30, 2022 by Morningside Ministries
Pictured from L to R : Paulina (spouse), David, David Jonathan (son), Amelia (granddaughter), Katy (daughter-in-law)

Morningside at the Meadows recently held a retirement party for beloved staff member David Alvarez, who retired on December 16th after 37 years of service. He began his work with Morningside at the Meadows on September 17, 1985 after becoming familiar with Morningside through his wife Paulina, who worked in Activities at the Manor at the time.

Previously, he had been self-employed running his own floor covering business with a partner. When his partner retired, David decided to join Morningside to do what he calls “his own personal ministry” serving others.

Having worked in various roles including Housekeeping Supervisor and Technical Support Coordinator over the years, David was depended on by everyone at the Meadows. Whether helping residents get their televisions to work, handling maintenance and housekeeping, or addressing technical issues, David had a knack for fixing things. Residents also loved conversing with David, with his deep faith and his knowledge of multiple topics, including electrical work and mechanics.

David’s family also grew during his time at Morningside. He has three sons (David Jonathan, Daniel Elijah, and Isaac Isaiah) and three grandchildren (David, Dhanni, and Amelia).

Having served so many over the years, David says he doesn’t have one favorite memory but a cumulative remembrance of all the wonderful individuals he has connected with at Morningside. He says that “Morningside was an opportunity the Lord provided me to serve those around me.” Of the residents he has served, he says, “Thank you for the opportunity to serve you. Your words of encouragement and appreciation over the years are more valuable than gold.”

David plans to spend his retirement focusing on his family and his ongoing projects, including building a wraparound porch for his wife Paulina at their property in Tarpley, TX, and working on automobiles with his grandson, among many future undertakings.