National Administrative Professionals Day Spotlight: Tammi Houdashell

April 27, 2023 by Morningside Ministries

Tammi was born in Claire, Michigan, and moved to California in her young adulthood. She followed her brother to Texas in 1995 and has been here ever since! All of her family lives in Boerne, including her beloved mom Betty; her brother Troy, a military veteran whom she considers her hero; her daughter Shannon whom she’s extremely proud of, her granddaughter Abigail who is her heart, and her three nephews Trey, Austin, and Sean whom she considers her sons. Tammi says her top three priorities are God, her family, and her job.

Tammi originally started in 2010 at Cibolo House at Morningside at Menger Springs, where she worked as a concierge for four years. Then, in 2014, she took a position as a business office manager with a different assisted living company before coming back to Cibolo at the height of the COVID pandemic in 2020 as an administrative assistant for the AL memory support staff.

In her current role, Tammi is admin for all of Cibolo House and coordinates with the other houses at Menger Springs as the assistant to all the managers. She knows everyone by name and can talk all day! Based on Accushield numbers, she estimates 100 people visit Cibolo House daily, and 1000 people weekly. These include family members, vendors, out of town visitors, caregivers, and sitters. She loves her residents, families, and staff at Morningside at Menger Springs who are like a second family to her. One of Tammi’s favorite Cibolo residents used to dance with his wheelchair with her and would ask her to be his Valentine. New residents are always telling Tammi “I heard you were the one to talk to!” She loves to make people laugh and help people as much as she can.

Since she lived by a lake growing up in Michigan, Tammi loves cold weather. She is also a homebody and enjoys doing embroidery and art, including painting and drawing. In fact, she almost became a Disney illustrator! When she was a young woman living in California, she used to draw characters on large format, of which Disney took notice. Disney approached her to work for them, as they were going to pay for her move to Anaheim but she was very family oriented and decided against it at the time. She hopes to get back into doing art in the future. Her family likes to travel, and they take a family trip about once a year. Tammi also loves to watch her granddaughter play soccer and taking her to local parks.