Residents Spotlight: Diane Haag and Dorothy Potts, a Tail of Friendship

August 31, 2023 by Morningside Ministries

In our garden community at The Meadows, we love our furry friends, and for National Dog Day, we wanted to spotlight the heartwarming friendship between two residents formed by the special bond shared by their canine companions, Meli and Roxy. The friendship between Meadows residents, Diane Haag and Dorothy Potts, is a testament to the enduring connection that pets can create between people.

Diane’s life with her beloved Yorkie Maltese mix, Meli, began in a serendipitous manner that can only be described as fate. The name “Meli,” which means honey in Hawaiian, perfectly suits the sweet disposition of Diane’s beloved companion. Nearly eight years ago, Meli arrived at the Cottages seeking refuge during a rainstorm. She was on the verge of being sent to Animal Care Services when fate intervened. A compassionate resident suggested Diane consider adopting the little canine wanderer. Diane, who had suffered heartbreak from the loss of her previous dog three years before, was hesitant yet intrigued. Upon meeting Meli, any doubts dissipated in an instant. Meli’s well-mannered and affectionate nature immediately captured Diane’s heart, sealing their companionship for the years to come.

Around a similar timeframe, Roxy, a charming Chihuahua and Shih Tzu mix, came into the life of Dorothy, whose family had gotten Roxy for her and her husband, who was ailing at the time. Roxy was a joy and solace to the couple, especially for Dorothy’s husband, for whom Roxy was a steady companion before his passing six years ago. Dorothy moved to the Meadows in May of 2017, carrying with her not only cherished memories but also her beloved Roxy.

When Roxy and Meli inevitably met at The Meadows, they were best buddies from the start. Their playfulness was infectious, drawing Diane and Dorothy together in shared moments of laughter and camaraderie that sparked a friendship mirroring that of their beloved canines. Meli and Roxy know each other’s apartments by heart, as they are constant visitors to each other’s homes. As both older toy dogs weighing less than 15lbs, they are very much alike, but different in personality, like their owners. Meli, who has a more placid demeanor, doesn’t really play with toys, whereas Roxy revels in her stuffed animals especially her cherished toy Pinky. Both dogs have aged gracefully, like their owners, and have become esteemed residents and mascots of The Meadows.

Dorothy and Diane’s friendship, and their shared bond with their fur babies, have also been a healing presence for Diane, who in March had hip surgery. The companionship between pets and owners was instrumental in her healing journey, and have helped in Diane’s path of recovery.  As the years go by, the friendships between Dorothy and Diane, and Roxy and Meli, only grow stronger and encapsulate the essence of community and boundless joy that furry friends bring to our lives.