Staff Alumni Spotlight: Windy Morgan

August 31, 2023 by Morningside Ministries

Windy Morgan’s story at Morningside has been truly remarkable, and one of accomplishment and unwavering dedication. As our former Director of Finance, she has left an indelible mark on Morningside, where she served 42 years before retiring in 2021. At the moment, however, you might catch Windy at our corporate office, as Morningside has called on her once more to help our Finance team during a transitional phase.

Her willingness in always supporting Morningside is a reflection of her career of constant implementation and innovation, and commitment to our organization. Known for her vibrant personality, she has a way of making the office feel like a second home and has been a valuable mentor to many Morningside staff, including our CFO Myranda Prater. “I still call her when I can’t figure something out, and somehow she is able to give me an answer in two minutes on something I spent days trying to figure out,” says Myranda.

Windy’s journey at Morningside Ministries began in 1979 when she was hired by Paul Mulhern, the then-Director of Finance. She was a recent graduate of Holmes High School in San Antonio and was working in another business office at the time, which had introduced her to bookkeeping. However, it was at Morningside where her professional journey took flight. She started in the Accounts Payable department in an era much in contrast to today’s digital landscape. “It was a different world back then,” reflects Windy. “We had no computers, everything was typed, and we had these huge boxes of invoices and checks.” She also worked out of the corporate office when it was located on the Meadows campus, where staff and residents would regularly hear the sound of cowbells as a reminder of its dairy farm past. The Meadows was still surrounded by open field, and Morningside at The Chandler Estate had just started operations.

At Morningside, Windy’s potential blossomed under the mentorship of Mr. Mulhern and CPA Harvey Cooke, both of whom were retired colonels in the Air Force. She found a natural affinity for the financial realm and embraced it with zeal. While financial records were still print-based, computers had just begun their ascent, and Windy had the spirit of an early adopter. “I’ve always been open to new ideas and technologies,” says Windy. “I remember asking Mr. Mulhern if I could do more, especially when computers started becoming available. I kept pushing for one, and we finally got our first computer—a Wang.”

The arrival of that first computer marked a pivotal moment for Morningside. Windy’s forward-thinking attitude helped propel the financial processes forward, making them swifter and more efficient. Over the years, she navigated three significant conversions of Morningside’s financial systems, embracing each new technology with determination and a desire to learn. Each transition, however, was accompanied by arduous challenges. According to Windy, conversions were particularly tough due to the massive amount of data entry required. “Those were long nights,” Windy remembers, “sometimes till 2am, just to input data and get everything done.” Yet, through those obstacles, her resilience remained unshaken, bolstered by her respect for her colleagues and her unyielding energy. Promotions punctuated her career – from AP to Business Office Supervisor, to Assistant Director of Finance, and eventually to Director of Finance.

Windy’s influence on the organization was immeasurable, and her camaraderie and friendship with staff significantly shaped her approach to her career. To her, Morningside was more than a workplace; it was a family she cherished deeply. She attributes her career longevity to getting along well with all of the CEOs during her time at Morningside, all three of whom were exceptional leaders (including our CEO Pat Crump), and her strong connection to residents. Her philosophy is that “residents allow us to be in their home, and we should always be respectful that they are letting us into their house.”

In her post-retirement life, Windy cared for her ailing sister, finding solace in being there for her beloved sibling during her battle with cancer until her untimely passing. Windy maintains strong bonds with all her siblings, as she comes from a gregarious family of seven children, with five girls and two boys. Windy resides with her husband, Javier, in a tranquil residence out toward Bandera near Tapatio Springs. Their home is shared with two canine companions – a loyal 13-year-old German Shepherd and a tiny 5-pound Morkie.

With retirement, Windy embraces the unknown with open arms, her high energy and boundless curiosity guiding her. Her future brims with myriad possibilities – tending to her cherished plants, feeding the deer that roam the hills behind her home, and perhaps, revisiting Mexico with Javier as they used to do annually before COVID. Through it all, she will always view Morningside as an integral part of her life. “One of the blessings of Morningside is how certain residents come into your life and change everything,” she fondly reminisces.