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5 Tips to Enjoy Assisted Living

Assisted living facilities are excellent for independent seniors who may be living alone or far away from family. Assisted living allows you to keep your independence while being in a place where you are supported and helped with things that have become difficult for you such as cooking or housework. When you decide to move out of your home and into an assisted living community, it can be a hard … [Read more...]

Lifetime Living Magazine: The Wellness Issue

In this summer issue of Lifetime Living, resident Linda P. of Chandler Apartments inspires readers by sharing details of her efforts to promote a healthy lifestyle within her community by leading a weekly Sit and Be Fit class. Featuring guest contributions from SWBC's Wellness Program Manager Leigh Ennis and Dr. Aral Sezginis, a smoothie recipe spread and much more, this issue of Lifetime Living … [Read more...]

Lifetime Living Magazine: The Hobby Issue

The spring issue of Lifetime Living is all about hobbies - from knitting and crocheting, to creating miniature furniture, to mastering the art of making tissue paper flowers, this colorful magazine offers plenty of insights on hobbies you can try during the warm spring months. Read the online version of The Hobby Issue below: Submit letters to the editor and comments about Lifetime … [Read more...]

Lifetime Living Magazine: The Gratitude Issue

The fall issue of Lifetime Living focuses on gratitude throughout its pages and features a multitude of inspirational stories to help readers end their year on a positive note. One of those stories is that of Milan M., a remarkable resident of Menger Springs whose remarkable life story captivates the true meaning of the American Dream. Read the online version of The Gratitude … [Read more...]

Lifetime Living Magazine: The Health & Wellness Issue

Summer is here and it's the perfect time to engage in physical, mental and spiritual wellness. This year's summer issue gives readers a glimpse into the many ways Morningside residents stay physically, mentally and spiritually healthy all year long and contains delicious resident-submitted recipes perfect for summer. Read the online version of Lifetime Living below: We’d love to hear … [Read more...]

Lifetime Living Magazine: The Happiness Issue

Featuring a fresh new design, the spring issue of Lifetime Living's theme is happiness. Residents of Morningside Ministries share their thoughts on what makes them happy, and their answers are charming and insightful. Readers are invited to take AARP's happiness quiz to help make a positive impact on emotional well-being. Chaplain Dennis Smith of Morningside Ministries also offers moving words on … [Read more...]