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Senior Rehabilitation

Senior Rehabilitation Services at Morningside Ministries

Physical Rehabilitation
Occupational Rehabilitation
Speech Therapy

Senior Rehabilitation in San Antonio & Boerne TX Morningside Ministries

A Healthy Retirement with Morningside Ministries

Geriatric rehabillitiation services in San Antonio and Boerne, TX are available for both residents and older adults in the community who need short-term rehabillitation after surgery or hospitalization. Therapy may consist of as little as 30 minutes or as much as 3 hours a day depending upon the needs and ability of each resident.

Our Geriatric Rehabilitation Team

Our rehabilitation team includes occupational, physical and speech therapists, social workers, nursing and dietary professionals, restorative aides and a medical rehabilitation director. The team members are experienced, caring specialists trained in geriatric therapy and needs management.

Senior Rehabilitation Centers

Morningside Ministries has several locations in San Antonio and Boerne, TX that are are specifically equipped to meet the special needs of senior rehabilitation patients. All therapy and training is provided in an atmosphere that is geared toward the needs of older adults. Please contact one of the following rehabilitation centers for more information.

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Call (888) 505-4085 or complete an online form submission for more information on senior rehabilitation services.